Malware Security Alert – Svpeng and Dyreza

Posted on: July 10th, 2014

Security researchers have recently discovered new online and mobile malware known as Svpeng and Dyreza. Please note that Clear Mountain Bank’s online and mobile banking services have not been impacted.  However, your security is our top priority and we’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with information on this security threat and how you can protect yourself.

What is Svpeng?

Svpeng is a new malicious malware app for Android mobile devices. Once Svpeng has infected a mobile device, it searches for specific mobile banking apps on the device, then locks the device and demands money to unlock it.  Svpeng breaks into a mobile device through a social engineering campaign using text messages.  Clicking on a link in these text messages infects the user’s device.  Then Svpeng can steal personal banking information, spoof legitimate banking applications, capture user input (including passwords), and more.

What is Dyreza?

Dyreza or “Dyre” is a new family of banking malware that redirects traffic to malicious servers, while users think they have a secure connection with their legitimate online banking site.

Dyreza is spread through spam e-mail messages such as “Your FED TAX payment ID [random number]” and “RE: Invoice #[random number].” These messages contain a “.zip” file often hosted on legitimate domains, to minimize suspicion.

Opening the zip file infects the computer with malware. Using a technique called “browser hooking” Dyreza views unencrypted web traffic in the Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers and captures credentials by sending the user to malicious servers, while the user thinks they are securely connected to their financial institution’s legitimate website.

Is my phone vulnerable to Svpeng and Dyreza?

iPhones and Android devices use different operating systems. Svpeng specifically targets the Android operating system. Dyreza does not target mobile devices; it exploits Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

How can I protect myself against threats like Svpeng and Dyreza?

  • Install an antivirus app and keep it updated
  • Avoid installing apps from third-party websites and unreliable sources
  • Read the permissions requested by every app before installing
  • Perform regular backups
  • Protect devices with a password
  • Don’t view or share personal information over a public WIFI network
  • Don’t respond to or click on unknown text messages and emails

Although Clear Mountain Bank’s online banking and mobile applications have not been impacted by these threats, we recommend you always take precautions about your security online and on your phone or tablet.  Monitor your account activity closely and report any unauthorized activity to us immediately.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (304) 379-2265.

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