Track Your Loan Status

Track the status of your mortgage application 24/7!

You can now view the status of your Clear Mountain Bank mortgage application online, anytime. The loan status will be updated throughout the processing of the loan and as items are completed or changed.

When you apply, your mortgage loan specialist will provide you with a loan number. You can then use this loan number, along with the last four digits of your social security number, to log in to our secure site to check your application status. This self-service tool is available by visiting

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the following sections:

    • Loan Officer — This will include the Loan Officer’s name and contact information.
    • Loan Summary — This includes information about the loan including borrower’s name(s), loan ID, status, loan amount, rate, etc.
    • Milestones — This shows the current stage of your loan while it is in processing. A “green” checkmark here means that stage has been completed.
        • Application Received — We have received your application.
        • Appraisal Ordered — We have placed an order for your appraisal. The appraiser will be contacting you and/or your realtor soon to schedule the appointment.
        • Underwriting Ordered — Our processing department has finished gathering your initial documentation. It has been submitted to the underwriter for review and approval. If additional documentation is needed you will be contacted by a member of the processing staff or your loan officer.
        • Underwriting Approved — The underwriter has reviewed your loan documentation and has provided a conditional approval. Further documentation may be required — those conditions will be communicated to your processor and loan officer.
        • Cleared to Close — Your loan has been approved to proceed to closing. To schedule, please contact your loan officer for available dates.
    • Attorney — This shows the name of the attorney who will be handling the closing.
    • Items Required — This section lists any items that you need to provide to us in order to move your application to the next step in the process.
    • Document — This is where you will see a copy of your appraisal, after the appraisal has been completed.

We hope you find this tool useful during your mortgage loan process. Log in to now to check the status of your loan!

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