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Business Debit Cards

Enhance Your Business Purchasing With Clear Mountain Bank Debit Mastercard BusinessCard®

Enjoy added security and convenience with the Clear Mountain Bank Debit Mastercard BusinessCard®.

Card Advantages

Benefits at-a-glance Debit Mastercard BusinessCard®
Worldwide acceptance at 40 million places
Purchases are deducted from business checking
Cash access at ATMs worldwide
Liability protection for unauthorized purchases
Chip Technology
Cash Rewards
Mastercard Global Service
Mastercard ID Theft Protection
MasterRental Insurance
Mastercard Priceless® Cities
Receipt Management Mobile Application
Intuit Quickbooks Online Discount
TurboTax Discount

Answers to Questions You May Have

1. Is there any cost to me? No, your card does not have an annual fee. 2. Does my card provide ScoreCard Rewards bonus points? Yes, your card provides ScoreCard Rewards. 3. Will my new card work within my Digital Wallet? Yes, your Debit Mastercard works within Apple Pay, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®! 4. Who can tell me more? If you have other questions, inquire at any branch or give us a call at 304-379-2265.

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Clear Mountain Bank offers two options to enhance your business purchasing with the Debit Mastercard BusinessCard® and the Mastercard BusinessCard®.

Business Team

At Clear Mountain Bank, our commercial banking team makes the difference. We share the pride you have in your business and want to be a partner for all your business banking needs.

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