MasterCard® Payroll Card

The Clear Mountain Bank MasterCard Payroll Card is a great way to distribute wages to your employees and offers a nice alternative to issuing paper payroll checks. It can help your business reduce payroll expenses while providing your employees with a safer method to receive their pay.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces check production costs.
  • Streamlines payroll administration process.
  • Increases employee productivity by eliminating off-site trips to cash paychecks.
  • Reduces fraud losses that may occur from issuing paper checks.
  • Enrolling and funding your employees’ payroll cards is simple. We’ll even provide you with marketing materials to help educate your staff.

Employee Benefits

  • Eliminates check cashing fees and hassles.
  • Money is available immediately, as funds are automatically deposited to the Clear Mountain Bank MasterCard Payroll Card.
  • Employee does not need to have a checking account or any banking relationship.
  • Funds are FDIC insured.
  • MasterCard’s Zero Liability policy ensures lost or stolen payroll card replacement, with full remaining stored value.
  • Accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Easy to use website,, where you can transfer funds, view transactions, pay bills and access financial planning tools.
  • Register any cell phone to interact with your card — transfer funds, view transactions, pay bills, find ATMs, receive transaction alerts — all from your cell phone.

For more information on the Clear Mountain Bank MasterCard Payroll Card, contact Blake Moran at 304-291-2265 or email

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