Rewards Mastercard®


Enjoy added security and convenience with the Clear Mountain Bank Rewards Mastercard®


Benefits at-a-glance Rewards Mastercard®
Worldwide acceptance at 40 million places
No Annual Fee
Liability protection for unauthorized purchases
Mastercard Global Service
Chip Technology
ScoreCard Rewards
Mastercard ID Theft Protection
Mastercard Airport Concierge
Mastercard Priceless® Cities

* Rewards Mastercard Terms and Conditions

Answers to questions you may have …

1. Why are you replacing my existing card?

Your new Mastercard will help us to serve you better by providing you with added benefits you can use every day.

2. Is there any cost to me?

No, your new card will have no annual fee, just like the card it replaces.

3. Will my rates or fees change in any way?

No, the interest rates and other credit card terms outlined in your Cardholder Agreement will remain unchanged.

4. When will my new card arrive?

You can expect to receive your new card in mid-May. Simply:

• Call 1.800.456.6870 in the U.S. or 1.727.570.4888 collect from outside the U.S. to activate on or after May 20, 2019
• Sign the back
• Destroy your old card

Also contact any merchants who automatically bill your existing card to provide your new card number.

5. Who can tell me more?

If you have other questions, inquire at any branch or give us a call at 304-379-2265.

6. If I have multiple cardholders, will each receive a new card?

Yes. All cards will be sent to you as the primary accountholder. When you call to activate your card, the additional cards will also be ready to use.

7. Will my new card work within Apple Pay®?

In the future, your new card will work within Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay®!We expect these services to be available for your new card by September 1st.

8. Will my new card still provide ScoreCard Rewards bonus points?

Yes, and any existing points balance you may have will automatically transfer to your new card.

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