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Login Change FAQ

What’s Changing?

Beginning March 1, the log in process for online banking products is changing. Your private image and pass phrase will no longer be displayed when you log in to our online banking services.

Who is affected?

Consumer and business account holders that utilize any of the following products:

  • SmartLink Online Banking
  • BizLink Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Remote Deposit for Business

How does the new log in process work?

  1. You type in your correct Access ID and password.
  2. Then we check the device you’re using – whether it’s your computer, mobile phone or tablet. If we don’t recognize the device, we may ask you to complete a Security Challenge to ensure your identity.
  3. We also check geographic indicators. If you’re trying to log in from a new location, we may ask additional questions.

How do I know I’m using a secure website?

Before entering your password or answering the Security Challenge, check your browser’s address bar. We’ve added an additional layer of security that shows if you are connected to a safe server. If your address bar is GREEN, your connection is safe. If it’s not GREEN, stop your log in process and contact us. Here’s how the green address bar may appear in your browser:


Does the green address bar appear in the Mobile Banking App?

Green address bars are not used in the Mobile Banking App. However, the Mobile Banking App is still using multifactor authentication to verify your identity. The App uses two factors or layers of security to verify your identity.

  • Your password. (something you know)
  • Your registered device. (something you have)

What type of authentication process is used in online banking?

Our online banking system uses RSA Adaptive Authentication. This is a risk-based, multi-factor authentication security system that uses more than one form of authentication to verify the legitimacy of a log in attempt. The goal is to create a layered defense that makes it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access Online Banking. RSA Adaptive Authentication uses these three layers of verification to prevent unauthorized access:

  • A valid User ID and Password must be entered correctly.
  • The device – computer, mobile phone or tablet – must be recognized or you may be asked additional challenge questions or be required to verify your registered email address.
  • Geographic location – if your location is different than normal, you may be asked either a challenge question or to verify your registered email address.

Is online banking secure?

Yes, we use multiple channels of authentication to protect your information. At every log in attempt we verify all of the following:

  • A valid User ID and Password.
  • Your computer or mobile device must be recognized.
  • And your geographic location.

Can I log in from another computer, or a different location?

Yes. For additional security, you will be required to complete a security question or to verify your registered email address.

Will my password change with this new log in process?

No, your access ID and password will not change. However, we recommend changing passwords every six months.

  • Be sure to use strong passwords:
  • Use between 6 and 15 characters.
  • Use at least two numbers and two letters.

What if I have additional questions about the changes to the log in process?

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 304-379-2265 or watch the video tutorial below:

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