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Retirement: Deciding What’s Next

Deciding What’s Next

As you retire, how do you want to move forward with your life?

The biggest retirement questions are not necessarily financial. They concern purpose, well-being, and the meaning of life.

You should know “what’s next” as you leave work. This is important. If your personal identity is closely tied to your career or business and most of your friends work alongside you, retirement may be jarring if you don’t prepare for the transition a year or two in advance.

You want to retire from one community to another, and from one purpose to another. So, consider what part-time work or business ventures, volunteer pursuits, and social circles may be fulfilling for you in the future.

Determine that next great goal or pursuit. Look at your passions. What excites you, what do you dream about? What involves you so fully that you lose track of time? Ideally, you find something that you will never tire of doing. Perhaps that passion has the potential to make you money as well.

Look at the big picture of your retirement transition. Keep your friends and family close, and do the right things on behalf of your health.