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HelloHome FAQs

Uploading Documents

Uploading documents to HelloHome is the fastest and easiest way to move your loan along - the sooner your loan officer reviews your documents, the closer you are to closing your loan! Read below on how to upload documents saved to your computer:

1. Log into HelloHome. Forgot your password? Don't worry, you can click here to reset it.

2. You'll now be on the "My Mortgage" page, where you'll upload all of your documents.

3. Navigate to the task you wish to upload documents for (in this case, the checking account statement task), and click "Upload." Click the grey box in the modal that pops up, search and select your document on your computer, and click the blue "Upload" button. The page will refresh with the document is uploaded, and show under the task.

4. Repeat this process for each task.

5. Your lender will receive your securely uploaded documents, and now you're one step closer to closing your new loan!

What Kind of Files Can I Upload?

Need to upload a document but aren't sure what file type you can use? Look below for our list of accepted file types:

  • doc
  • docx
  • pdf
  • csv
  • jpeg
  • jpg
  • png
  • svg
  • txt
  • zip
  • xlsx

Files types not on this list will cause an error message; if you aren't sure if your file can be uploaded, don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

Mobile Document Uploads

Busy day? No time to stop at a desk to upload documents? No problem! HelloHome is mobile responsive, which means you can use it on your phone or tablet. If your lender is asking for a document right now and you've got your phone and your document, you can upload that ASAP without breaking your stride.

1. Log into HelloHome on your phone or tablet. Forgot your password? Don't worry, you can click here to reset it.

2. Navigate to the task you want to upload your document to, and click "Upload."

3. You'll be able to select from a variety of options.

4. If we click more, we get another set of options to upload from services our phone is connected to.

5. If we select an option from the first page, we're reaching directly to the phone - we can take a picture of a document in front of us, or we can select one already taken. In the second set of options we can reach out to other services that we may have saved documents to from other scans, like Google Drive. Once an image or document is selected, we'll confirm the upload, and the document or image will be added to the task.

Using FileFetch to Upload Documents

Gathering documents is often one of the most frustrating and time consuming pieces of the mortgage process, but with HelloHome it doesn't need to be! Simply log into your existing accounts safely and securely, and we'll pull in your official PDF statements so you don't need to worry about whether it's current, complete, and official. Read on for how to do this!

1. Log into HelloHome. Forgot your password? Don't worry, you can click here to reset it.

2. Navigate to the task you want to link an account for, like Checking Account Statement, and click on "Link Account."

3. Search for the name of your financial institution, payroll provider, or tax preparation service in the search bar and hit enter.

a. If nothing comes up, we may not be partnered with your institution yet - hopefully someday in the future! Hit the previous button at the end of the page and upload your documents instead.

4. If multiple names come up, check for the exact match to your bank or institution, and click the box with the logo in it.

5. Enter in the same login credentials you use to log into your bank or financial institution, and click Login.

6. We'll now reach out to your bank or institution - this may take a couple of minutes! Hold tight.

7. You may now be asked to verify your identity, either by way of a security code or question. This is called two factor authentication, and it's extremely important. Follow the prompts to verify your account.

8. Once your account is verified, we'll pull in official statements, and display what's available for you to pull into your account. Select the statements you wish to import, and click "Import Statements." We'll pull the PDFs in directly to your task, doing the work for you!

9. That's all there is to it! If you're having a bit of trouble linking your accounts, click here.

FileFetch FAQ

FileFetch is a great way to link your accounts to HelloHome, allowing us to pull in your official statements and making it easier for you to work with your lender to close your loan faster!

Question: My login linked to my bank, but not all of my accounts are showing?

It can take a few minutes for all of the accounts to pull through. You should also check with your bank to make sure that you have electronic delivery enabled as well.

Question: Why isn't my bank or institution listed?

We're working on adding partners all the time, but if we haven't added your bank yet, you can still upload your documents to HelloHome.

Question: My login isn't working, what's up?

If you've entered in your login credentials and you're getting an error message:

1. Check to make sure that you're linking to the correct bank or institution. For example, ADP has five different portals! Check with your bank, HR team, or tax preparer to make sure you have the complete official name of your institution.

2. Use the link for "I don't know my login credentials for this account" to test the login on the bank or institution's webpage. This will let you reset your password or contact the bank if you aren't sure what your login credentials are.

3. If you don't have login credentials or are unable to retrieve them, you can always upload your documents for your lender.

How to Delete a Document

There may be a time you wish to remove a document from your HelloHome file. Follow the steps below to learn how to do that:

1. Log into HelloHome. Forgot your password? Don't worry, you can click here to reset it.

2. You'll now be on the "My Mortgage" page, where you've uploaded documents. Click the tab next to "My Mortgage" called "Docs."

3. Using the checkbox next to the document you wish to remove, click the box and then click "Delete," and confirm that you'd like to delete the selected document.

4. That's it!

Filling Out Your Loan Application

Ready to fill out your loan application and submit it to your lender? Let's do it!

1. If your lender has sent you a link to create your account by filling out a loan app, fill in your name and email, and pick a password you'll remember.

2. Now you're in your loan application; use the buttons to select your answers, or type your answers in the appropriate fields. Where you see a red "Answer Required*" make sure to select an answer or fill in an answer - you won't be able to submit your loan app without filling in the required answers!

3. When you're done filling in your application, you're ready to submit! Click the blue "Finish and Send" button at the bottom of the page, and then carefully read the pop up. If you have a coborrower, make sure you select both of your names. Once you've read it, click "Finish and send." That sends your completed loan application to your lender, along with your agreement for your credit check and to receive notifications electronically.

4. You can next choose to continue to your task list and begin uploading documents, or you can log out for the day.

Coborrower Accounts

If you've received an email inviting you to HelloHome, you have the ability to create a password so you can login and upload your documents to tasks assigned by your lender. You can also complete a loan application, sign documents, and log into your bank accounts to pull in statements.

To create your HelloHome login:

1. Look for the email from your lender inviting you to HelloHome. This email will be called "Update on your loan with (your lender's name).

Click on "View my tasks." This will open a new tab with your authentication link. Create a password, and login to start uploading documents!

Important note: If you were added as a coborrower to a loan file prior to August 7, you can request a password with your email address here. If you receive a notification that your email is not found, please ask your lender to add you to the loan file.

Authorizing Verification of Employment and Income

Verification of employment and income is used as part of the loan underwriting process. In order to complete the verification, authorization has to be collected from the borrower. Your lender is using HelloHome to help make collecting that authorization an easy process.

Read on for how to provide this authorization if a Verification of Employment or Verification of Income task has been added to your loan file:

1. Log into HelloHome. Forgot your password? Don't worry, you can click here to reset it.

2. Click "Begin" for either Verification of Employment, or Verification of Income. Some information may be filled out in the form, but if any is missing, fill that in, verify that everything is correct, and then click "Submit"

3. After submitting this information, you'll be on the "Sign Agreement" page, where you will authorize your lender to verify your past and present employment and income. Click "Authorize" to move to the e-signing page, dropping in your signature, and clicking "Finish" to send your authorization to your lender.

4. Once you're back on your task list, you've completed this task and you're ready to move on to working on other document requests.

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