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Mortgage Products

Which Clear Mountain Bank Mortgage Product is Right for You?

At Clear Mountain Bank, we offer a complete line of mortgage products. Whether you are buying, building, refinancing or looking for your vacation hideaway, we have a loan to suit your needs. This page is designed to help guide you through the many options that Clear Mountain Bank offers for your home buying, construction or refinancing needs.

With offices throughout North Central West Virginia and Oakland, Maryland, our team of Mortgage Specialists are sure to help with all of your mortgage and refinancing needs. Contact us today to learn more.

View Mortgage Products

Be sure to view the various mortgage products offered by Clear Mountain Bank to see which may be best for your needs. You can either apply online, or contact our team to help guide you through the process.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Purchase a new home or refinance your existing home with predictable and steady monthly mortgage loan payments.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Each ARM loan option features a fixed rate for its initial term. After the initial term, the interest rate and payment could increase or decrease.

First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers have a variety of programs and incentives to purchase your new home with a small down payment and lower rates. Why rent when you can own?

Fannie Mae RefiNOW™

RefiNow is a new refinance mortgage option with flexibilities aimed at making it easier and less expensive for qualifying homeowners to reduce their monthly housing costs.

WV Housing Homeownership Program

This first-time homebuyer program allows you to purchase your new home with a small down payment with a low fixed rate.

WV Housing Movin’ UP Program

This program is designed to help moderate-income homebuyers purchase a new residence, with no first-time homebuyer requirement. Geared toward those who have outgrown their current residence or just want to make a change.

Physician Loan

If you are a resident, fellow, new or established physician, we offer a mortgage program that will lend up to 100% with no private mortgage insurance.

Construction Loan

You want to build a new home, Clear Mountain Bank will allow you to pay interest only payments during the construction phase and automatically converts into permanent financing when your house is complete.

Jumbo Loan

This program allows you to borrow more than $417,000. These jumbo loans have fixed and adjustable rate options for both primary residences and vacation homes.

Land-Only Loan

If you are looking to purchase land, Clear Mountain Bank can help. We offer land loans with competitive rates and flexible terms available.

Home Equity Loan

Need money for home improvements or to consolidate debt? Do it all with a home equity loan or line of credit from Clear Mountain Bank.


A USDA Rural Development loan can help you purchase your dream home with no money down with a low fixed rate.

VA Loan

Loan options that are exclusive to qualifying veterans of the Armed Services, those currently in active duty or the reserves, and for widows and widowers of veterans.

Are You Preapproved?

Let us guide you through the process to ensure you know exactly how much you can afford, even if you haven't found the perfect home yet. We make it easy to become First-Step Certified.


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