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CREDIT CARDS – Please note you are able to activate your personal credit cards online. For online account access on your personal credit card, you may enroll at


Mastercard® Debit Cards!

You deserve great benefits with no added costs. That’s why we offer Clear Mountain Bank Mastercard® debit cards.

Account Access

Purchases and ATM withdrawals are deducted from your existing checking account.

Convenience and Security

Shopping with your card is faster than writing checks and safer than carrying cash, plus you’re protected with Zero Liability for unauthorized purchases.

Available on Digital Wallets

Mastercard® Debit or Business Debit cards can now load into digital wallets to access with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay!

Great Benefits

You’ll also enjoy access to all of the other benefits shown at the individual card links below.

Lost or Stolen Debit Mastercard®?

To report a lost or stolen card, during regular banking hours, please call 304.379.2265.
After hours, please call 1.833.660.0463.

If out of the United States and debit card will not work, refer to our contact page for telephone numbers to call.

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