Debit Card Travel Tips

Follow these tips to help you avoid surprises and potential issues with your debit card while traveling.

  • If you’re planning on traveling out of state or overseas, please remember that debit cards may not work in other parts of the United States or in other countries around the world.  Before leaving on your trip, please contact your local Clear Mountain Bank office so we can ensure that your debit card will work wherever you may be traveling.
  • If you are currently traveling and your debit card will not work in your location, please call 1.800.262.2024 for assistance.
  • Remember that Clear Mountain Bank is part of the MoneyPass® ATM network giving you access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across the United States. Click here to find a MoneyPass ATM.
  • MoneyPass offers a mobile app to assist you in locating surcharge-free ATMs. Before you leave for your trip, download the MoneyPass app for your mobile device:
  • Before you leave, make sure you know your card’s daily ATM cash withdrawal and purchase limits. If you don’t know your limits, talk to your Clear Mountain banker.
  • Consider using a prepaid debit card when traveling such as the Clear Mountain Bank MasterCard® Prepaid Card.  Prepaid cards allow you to load a limited balance on the card, which limits your risk.  They can also help you stick to your travel budget.
  • Consider taking an additional debit or credit card with you to serve as a backup card in the event that your primary card is lost or stolen.
  • If you’re traveling to a foreign country, remember that you may be charged a 1% international service fee when making a point of sale purchase or ATM withdrawal with your Clear Mountain Bank Visa® Check Card. When using a foreign ATM, there is also a $1.50 foreign ATM fee. This is in addition to any fees that may be charged by the ATM operator. Also, keep in mind that the amount debited will reflect the currency exchange rate for that day.
  • Some foreign ATMs don’t give you the option to choose from which account to debit your funds. Some foreign ATMs default to “Withdraw from Savings”. Others only permit transactions from your primary linked account. Make sure you have sufficient funds in each of your linked accounts to cover your cash withdrawals and to prevent denial prior to traveling.
  • Note that many foreign ATMs offer instructions in English, but not all of them. In addition, some foreign ATMs are available only during regular business hours.
  • Withdraw enough cash to cover expenses should you travel to small towns. Many small towns in foreign countries do not have ATMs.
  • Put your money and your card away immediately after making a withdrawal from an ATM. Count your money later and out of public view.
  • Travel safely and enjoy your trip!

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