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CREDIT CARDS – Please note you are able to activate your personal credit cards online. For online account access on your personal credit card, you may enroll at

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Card Management

One of the most utilized aspects of Clear Mountain Mobile is the Card Management feature. Users now have powerful tools to manage their debit and credit cards anytime, anywhere from mobile banking.

Below is a more expansive look at our Card Management benefits. From our Mobile Banking app, choose “Cards” in the footer bar to get started!

Feel More Empowered

From our Mobile Banking app, choose CARDS in the footer bar.

Lock/Unlock your cards
Report lost or stolen cards
Add cards to mobile wallet
Set transaction and spending limits
See where cards are stored online
View in-depth transaction details
Stay informed with alerts
Manage travel plans
Get cash out without your card

Spending Insights

From the Card Details dashboard, you can gain insights into your spending habits on your debit and credit cards. The screen shows a breakdown of your spending by category under the WHAT section.

By tapping WHEN, you can also view your spending by day(s) and month(s) to see trends in your spending habits. By tapping WHERE, you can view the location of your transactions on a map.

Card Management is an easy and efficient way to be connected to your accounts on the go! Easily transfer your funds and manage future transfers. Stay on top of your finances to help keep you on pace with all your financial goals. From our Mobile Banking app, choose “Cards” in the footer bar to get started!

Detailed Transaction Reporting

When you tap on a transaction, you can view the merchant’s name, logo, address, phone number, and exact location! If you don’t recognize a purchase, you can touch base with the merchant using the information provided.

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